Wales, UK, Saturday Gathering with Kirsten Buxton


Kirsten’s all day event is an opportunity to directly experience your divinity. Her gentle presence allows the mind to relax and expand into an awareness of love and innocence. Enter into an atmosphere of safety and explore the deepest questions on your heart, in the light of truth.

Saturday morning will be an interactive Spirit inspired open dialogue followed by an afternoon of movie-watching for healing. Kirsten’s movie gatherings are enlightening; she draws attention to specific metaphysical and healing themes that support awakening through noticing judgements, allowing emotions, and aligning with our True Identity.

For more about Kirsten please see below.

February 25, 2017 at 11am - 6pm

Michelle Murphy's house
Wales, UK
(RSVP with Michele to receive specific location.)

(includes lunch)

Michelle Murphy · [email protected] · 07769334687

MORE ABOUT Kirsten: 

Kirsten Buxton

Kirsten Buxton is a modern-day mystic, A Course in Miracles teacher, and author who became devoted to awakening after a revelatory experience of God’s Love in 2003. She co-founded the world-wide Living Miracles spiritual community with David Hoffmeister. Having walked ‘through the darkness to the light’ Kirsten exudes a profound wisdom and humility that touches the heart and lifts the spirit.

Her new book, I Married a Mystic, portrays an intimate account of her journey of transformation and radical self-inquiry, and is literally a how-to guide for awakening. Her gatherings and book are an opportunity to explore holy relationship, how to apply the spiritual principles found in A Course in Miracles to daily life, as well as how to listen and follow the Spirit's guidance. The clarity and simplicity shared through her teachings are an invitation to true freedom.

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