Do you want to join a spiritual community that supports your Awakening journey? Do you love watching movies that inspire you to transcend your ego and connect with your true Self? If so, you are invited to join the Tribe of Christ online community and participate in our movie workshops with David Hoffmeister.

David Hoffmeister is a modern-day mystic and a living demonstration of the non-dual path of A Course in Miracles. He has been using movies as a powerful tool for spiritual Awakening for over 25 years. He will guide you through the metaphysical and practical aspects of each movie, helping you to experience the healing and transformation that they offer.

The movie workshops will take place every other week on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Central/Mexico Time (convert time here). 

The movie workshop is free for everyone who signs up for the Tribe of Christ online community. You will also get access to other resources and events that will enrich your awakening journey!

Don’t miss this opportunity to join a tribe of like-minded souls and enjoy the profound and life-altering spiritual Awakening movies with David Hoffmeister. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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