"Only Silence can reach that dimension of reality that is too deep for words." ~Thomas Merton

You have an opportunity to spend 21 days immersed in a deep experience. Inside the silence of your heart, there is an open doorway. As we slip through this doorway from our unending thoughts and distractions of the world, we enter into a fresh new reality. This new reality emerges naturally during time devoted to deep contemplation, meditation, and rest. Taking an extended period of time to open to this experience is a fresh and inspiring new way to start the New Year!

Shorter stays are available (see below).

“Keep silent, because the world of silence is a vast fullness." ~Rumi

What awaits you:

Simple nourishing meals

Mindful monastery support team

Stable and devoted facilitators

Comfortable sleeping spaces

Reverent, silent, and loving environment of the Living Miracles Monastery

Nature as far as the eye can see

Outdoor hot tub for a warm meditative soak under the stars

Candlelit meditations in our chapel

Profound gong meditations that take you on an inner journey

A comfortable candlelit sanctuary for mindful reading of scripture from various spiritual traditions, and for meditation

Grounds that are artfully designed for optimal contemplation

If needed, spiritual counseling with those who have dedicated their lives to inner peace

Mindful massage (love donation for this)

The Sound of Silence winter retreat is a wonderful and rare opportunity to spend an extended period of time in the silent, supportive, and restful environment of the Living Miracles Monastery.

This 21-day silent retreat is not affiliated with any particular spiritual tradition and is not a teaching retreat. We honor and recognize that all pathways lead to truth. All are welcome!

"The Living Miracles Monastery is one place that you might consider because of its absolute safety, spirituality, neutrality (no control, but rather love) a sacred quest place indeed. Silence is possible and light workers are present. Enjoy the ride!"
~Paul Chaput, Toronto Canada

About the Facilitators

Suzanne Sullivan

Jackie Simpson

Michael Caruana


Erik Archbold shares about his experience of the Living Miracles Monastery:


December 30, 2018 - January 21, 2019
Due to winter conditions and international flights, arrival will be on December 30th.

If you can't get away for 21 days, then ask Jane Marie about optional lengths of stay. However everyone participating in this retreat will need to arrive with all participating reactants on the 30th of December for full orientation and settling in. See pricing below.

Living Miracles Monastery


One week—Dec 31st - Jan 7th
- Shared space: $1,097 / Private space: $1,450

Two weeks—Dec 31st - Jan 14th
- Shared space: $1,599 / Private space: $2,100

Three weeks—Dec 31st - Jan 21st
- Shared space: $2,100 / Private space: $3,100

Includes full retreat, meals, and accommodations

$500 non refundable deposit
(balance due by December 7th)


After this retreat comes to completion on the 21st of January, we are offering an additional 2-day interactive ACIM retreat for those interested in going more into the practical application of A Course in Miracles.

Letting Go of Illusions—Living a life above the battleground.

We will be addressing:
* What stands in the way of a consistent practice of forgiveness.
* Spiritual traps
* How to experience peace in the face of difficulties.
* Prayer as a medium for transformation.

This segment of the retreat ends at noon on January 23rd. You can ask Jane Marie about this opportunity! Additional cost is: $275.00

After 21 days in silence, this will be an amazing time together!
You can ask Jane Marie about this opportunity!

There are several options other than a taxi for traveling to the monastery from the SLC International Airport.

UBER: The cost to hire UBER is around $125.

A monastery shuttle is available for $100 each way. Please contact us if you would like to reserve a seat as there is limited seating. It is a two-hour drive to the monastery. We will have a shuttle departing from Salt Lake City Airport on December 30th at 1 p.m. At the close of the retreat on January 21st, we will have a shuttle departing the monastery at 12 p.m. If you are flying out on the last day of the retreat, please make sure your flight is scheduled to depart no earlier than 4 p.m.; later for international flights.

If you will be renting a car or would like to join with others on sharing the cost of a rental car and are open to ride-sharing with mighty companions, please join The Sound of Silence Rideshare Group on Facebook for your travels. 

For more information and to register, contact:
Jane Marie Sobel
Email: janemarie@miracles-monastery.org

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