Thanks for your interest in our Inside Passage Home event! This event has actually evolved into a different event called Rethinking Sickness. You can learn more and sign up here.


ving the Devastation of the Diagnosis

We are putting out a warm invitation to friends from around the world to join us in a Grand Adventure!
If you are struggling with sickness and dis-ease, within yourself or a loved one, join us on an authentic healing voyage through the Inside Passage Home.

This is what you can expect on this voyage:

An extensive online adventure of healing, which will include:

  • Exclusive pre-release access to the Doorway course "Rethinking Sickness". 
  • Once a week online group sessions.
  • Facilitated healing movie sessions.
  • Weekly study and practical assignments.
  • Private Facebook page dedicated to The Inside Passage participants.
  • Once a week call with one of your mighty companions for healing support.
  • Four "Awakening From the Dream" online retreats with David Hoffmeister.
  • Spiritual counseling with experienced facilitators as needed.
  • Awesome 7-day retreat cruise through the Inside Passage of Alaska with your group, David Hoffmeister, and facilitators to be in the joy and honor of this voyage of healing together. 


Watch this video with Calico and Jackie sharing a full context for this course.


Where: In the comfort of your own home, online. Also a 7-day retreat cruise through the Inside Passage of Alaska!

Online program February 11th–July 1st
Cruise July 7th-14th

Total cost for the online program and cruise is $6,789.00 USD
Early Bird Special: Register before Nov. 7th and save $350.00!

David , Jackie Suzanne, Jason, and Calico.

Click here now for full details, costs and application. 

A Letter from Jackie

Calico, Suzanne and I have put together ideas for an online grand adventure to start in February 2019. If you’re struggling with dis-ease of any kind, are devastated by a diagnosis, or feel that you would benefit from taking a healing look at the root cause of sickness as taught in A Course in Miracles, then this course is for you.

Our title ‘The Inside Passage Home’ was inspired by the idea of a retreat cruise through the Inside Passage of Alaska. Some of the Alaska symbols are so amazingly appropriate! The Bering Sea has the largest, deepest underwater canyons in the world. What a symbol for an Adventure into the deeply hidden thoughts in the mind! It’s an opportunity to be like explorers looking innocently on something absolutely new for the first time. Then move on, having witnessed the deep dark caverns, recognizing that they don’t hold some hidden monster, and that they have no power in the light of who you are in Truth.

Like the distractions of the ego, the swirling currents make it difficult to dive deep. But when we do it as a team in collaboration with others who have the same purpose, the results are incredibly revealing.

We would love to take this unique journey with you!
Love, Jackie

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