Delve into the heart of mysticism.

The Tabula Rasa Mystery School is a curriculum unlike any other. Using the deep non-dual teachings of A Course in Miracles, this school for Awakening offers a program for profound spiritual immersion.

“Tabula rasa” means the absence of preconceived ideas or predetermined goals: a clean or blank slate. Without a personal agenda, we can rest in peaceful emptiness and at one with our Source. It is an experience of living in the Present Moment. With every step devoted to healing deep patterns in the mind, release is inevitable.

A peaceful state of mind is no small gift and is the one goal of the program offered at the Mystery School. The program includes many experiential sessions and exercises such as metaphysical movies, music, journaling, meditation, art, and more! 

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"The goal of the curriculum, regardless of the teacher you choose, is "Know thyself." There is nothing else to seek."
A Course in Miracles, T-8.III.5



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Mystical Mind Training (MMT)

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