OPEN Satsang with David Hoffmeister, Rishikesh, India

OPEN Satsang with David Hoffmeister

David invites you to transcend modern daily life. By practically applying the honored non-dual teachings, you enter a completely new way of thinking and perceiving. David has a miraculous way of moving you far beyond an intellectual understanding of Non-duality, with a deep Presence of direct experience with Oneness. Whatever your path, you are invited to join in this transformational, practical Awakening, using David’s uncompromising teachings and devoted demonstration. Your beliefs are underpinning your world. Question everything you think you think and think you know!

--Hindi translation available

About David
Mystic, David Hoffmeister is a living demonstration of the deep teachings of Non-duality and A Course in Miracles. For those who feel a deep call for Awakening, David is pure inspiration!

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