Miraculous Musical Tour of Australia

Do you feel that you’ve plateaued on your spiritual path? 
Are you wondering what is next for your healing? 

Melanie and Paul are hitting the road for a Miraculous Musical Tour of Australia! They will travel anywhere there is a strong call for love, truth and healing.

Melanie is one of the Messengers of Peace, who has lived immersed in David Hoffmeister’s A Course in Miracles (ACIM) spiritual community for many years. She was the co-overseer of the ACIM Devotional Centre in Canada for two years, where she worked intimately with dozens of people who came from around the world to deepen in their understanding and everyday experience of Jesus’s teachings. Melanie has undergone a rapid undoing of the ego’s thought system since giving her full “Yes” to following the Spirit’s guidance 100 percent, including looking deeply at and letting go of the self-concepts of mother, wife, lover, friend and spiritual ‘person’, and facing the darkness that Jesus says must be looked upon for full release. She is a gifted teacher of the Course, and has a passion for working intimately with people who feel blocked and want to move to the next level of their spiritual growth. 

Melanie is supported on tour by Paul Miskin, a talented singer, songwriter for the Spirit. Paul’s music is straight from the Heart of God and will transport you into an experience of God’s Love. 

Melanie and Paul will travel anywhere within Australia where there is a genuine desire for peace and healing. Melanie can offer events and retreats, large and small, Course teaching sessions, experiential sessions of many kinds, including dance, healing touch and ACIM movie gatherings, which are a fun and fast way of healing the blocks in the mind. 

If you are ready for the mighty companions that Jesus promises will arrive, then call Melanie and Paul, to host them in your home and/or hold an event. You’ll be so glad that you did!

Call Paul for invitations and information on: 0416 262 524 
For more info on Melanie: http://melanie.i-am-one.net/

Click here to see a full-size flyer.

Everywhere, Australia
Paul · 0416 262 524

Will you come?

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