Guidance and Miracles - Living Miracles Virtual Weekend Retreat

The Living Miracles weekend retreats are deep experiences in the practical application of spirituality. Each provides an opportunity, in an environment of trust, to identify, and release the false beliefs that have been holding us back on our journey home to God. Through music, readings, discussion, experiential exercises, and a beautiful movie, we let our resistances go and begin to let Spirit guide us in our everyday lives. We have great power when we align our will with the Will of God. His Will for us is perfect peace and happiness. To align our will with God’s is to experience true forgiveness. This is available to us now. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

In the Guidance and Miracles retreat, we get a practical feel for bringing Guidance into our everyday lives. Our thinking pattern has been confused and this has frustrated us in our attempts to find true happiness. We will practice a simple but profound reorientation of our thoughts that brings miracles, the healing power of God, into our minds, into our lives, and into the lives of others.

This live online retreat will be hosted by Living Miracles Teachers Geoff Wildbur and Andy LeCompte with spontaneous live music, discussion, and support from all of us in community here at the Metaphysical Center. Don't be surprised if David Hoffmeister and others beam in via Periscope or Zoom from time to time.

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The cost for this weekend retreat is $145 US.

Note: All times are in US Central Time.


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January 01, 2016 at 7:00pm - January 03, 2016 at 10:30am
This is an online event.
Geoff Wildbur · · 435-709-8957

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$145.00 Miracles and Guidance - Living Miracles Virtual Weekend Retreat
A Living Miracles LIVE Online Interactive Weekend Retreat

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