Living Miracles Newsletter May 2020


NEW! Weekly Online Movie Gatherings

Are you ready for some fun on your Awakening journey? Here is a new way of watching movies in which we can experience the path
of Awakening like never before!

Enjoy this movie trailer with David's commentary on the movie "The Man Who Knew Too Little." 🍿 

Imagine if you could see all the characters in your life as simply actors playing out a part to help you develop trust along the journey of spiritual awakening?

The more you loosen from the ego, the more funny everything gets and you cease to take the world so seriously!

Click here for more information about our weekly movie gatherings.

Take Me Home Documentary Movie

Forget everything you think you think and think you know.

The Awakening journey is one of exchanging darkness for light and accepting the Love that we are. The documentary movie Take Me Home shows that when we lay down our masks and go toward each other with the intention of forgiveness, healing happens. 

I would love to see it again. There is so much there. It is so rich. it is so deep.
My heart cracked open. When I looked into people’s eyes, we were all changed.

~ Carol

Join David Hoffmeister & Frances Xu for a Take Me Home online weekend retreat and meet some of the cast and crew members.

When: Friday, May 22 to Sunday, May 24

Click here for more information and to register.


Living Miracles Co-Living

On April 1st, we opened our doors to new co-living residents with a shared purpose of living in harmony, using a month-by-month rental of rooms and many shared resources (including fellowship, books, movies, music, online retreats, and in-person retreats). 

We invite you to experience co-living and open up to deep connections and a vibrant and purposeful way of being.

A testimonial and group photo of the Kamas co-living community in Utah:

"I can’t emphasize enough how helpful my first experience of co-living was for me. Living with a group of A Course in Miracles students who are joined in a common purpose is an opportunity to step into the “tractor beam” of Awakening."
For more information about co-living in Kamas (U.S), click here.
For more information about co-living in Chapala (Mexico), click here.

Upcoming events:

Starting May 6 & 7:
Online movie gathering, every Wednesday at 5:00pm MDT.

*For Europe, every Thursday at 6:00pm CEST

May 22-24:

Take Me Home
 online weekend retreat with David Hoffmeister, Frances Xu, and some of the cast and crew members. 

June 5-7:
"Open-Mindedness" online retreat with David Hoffmeister & Living Miracles. (Early bird price until May 15th!)

June 19-21:
Take Me Home online weekend retreat with David Hoffmeister and Frances Xu, and some of the cast and crew members. (with Spanish translations)

Visit our events page for more information and to register!


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