Forgiveness Tour Florida with Ricki Comeaux

Ricki is a devoted teacher of God, passionate singer/songwriter and demonstration that anyone can learn to access the Holy Spirit’s guidance through simple daily practices. Her gatherings and retreats explore practical steps in how to Forgive and how to access the Holy Instant by releasing patterns of fear and suffering in the mind. The result is healing and inevitable Peace and Joy!

Ricki will be visiting Daytona Beach, St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale between February 8th and February 24th. See all her events listed below. 

Daytona Beach, Florida
February 8th – February 9th
A dinner and a metaphysical movie on Friday night, and a "going deeper" session Saturday afternoon with Q&A, live music, and a lunch together.

For more details, visit the event page

St. Augustine, Florida
February 15th – February 16th
Friday evening will include deep discussion, Q&A, and live music. Saturday will be a metaphysical, healing movie with expression to release the mind of patterns of fear and conflict.

For more details, visit the event page

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
February 20th & February 24th
An introductory evening and a day of Healing and Forgiveness.

For more details, visit the event page





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