Cork, Ireland - Living a Life of No-Compromise with David Hoffmeister

The Health Zone are delighted to announce we are hosting a very special and exclusive event with Spiritual Teacher, Best-Selling Author and Mystic, David Hoffmeister and Frances Xu. 


True freedom means living with no-compromise of any kind. Compromise seems to be an accepted part of our daily lives as it plays out in the world, however, it is actually rooted in the mind. We have forgotten our true identity, and lost touch with our inner guide that can take us back to Truth. This guidance leads us through inspiration and makes it possible to follow the calling of our hearts and live a life of inspiration with no-compromise whatsoever! 

Come and join David and Frances for a deep and insightful talk on the fastest way to inner-peace and freedom.

David Hoffmeister is a living demonstration that peace is possible. His gentle demeanor and articulate, non-compromising expression are a gift to all. He is known for his practical application of the non-dual teachings necessary to experience Peace and Oneness. His clarity about the function of forgiveness in spiritual awakening and his radical use of mindful movie-watching in the release of judgment is Enlightening!

Over the past 30 years, David has traveled to 44 countries across 6 continents to extend the message that Truth is available for everyone, now. David’s message speaks to all people, regardless of whether their background is religious, spiritual, or scientific. 

David’s own journey involved the study of many pathways, culminating in a deeply committed practical application of A Course in Miracles, of which he is a renowned teacher and international speaker. His teachings have been translated into 13 languages, and taken into the hearts and minds of millions through the intimate style of his books, audios, and videos. 

Frances Xu has devoted her life to the practical application of the teachings of A Course in Miracles. She followed the deep calling to leave behind all egoic temptations of this world, and allowed the spirit to guide her all the way back to Truth and Freedom. 

Having gone through major undoings herself, and having used everything for the purpose of forgiveness for many years, she is able to share her deep insight and wisdom, and guide the healing from an actual experience beyond all concepts. She points to practical steps that lead to a lasting peace and freedom of the mind. 

She has traveled around the world extensively and worked closely with countless groups and individuals to share the message of Self-realization.


Limited places available.
Don't miss out on this very SPECIAL once-off event.
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Note: For anybody unable to book online, contact: Micheál O'Mathúna to arrange an alternative. email: [email protected]



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