Columbus, OH Gathering with Kirsten Buxton


Kirsten Buxton’s book, I Married a Mystic, is a how-to guide for awakening. It is an intimate account of her journey of transformation and radical self-inquiry (2004–2007). Kirsten candidly exposes her fears, projections, and private thoughts whilst on an epic adventure with tirelessly joyful mystic David Hoffmeister.

Kirsten's gatherings are an opportunity to relax into Presence, explore the most relevant topics on our heart, and be inspired. Themes often involve exploring healing through relationships, how to apply the principles found in A Course in Miracles to daily life, and how to hear and follow the Spirit's guidance. Having walked 'through the darkness to the light', Kirsten exudes a profound wisdom and humility that touches the heart and lifts the spirit.

Suggested donation: $25

Potluck at 
noon—bring a dish to share!

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