Changeless Reality Devotional, Duchesne, UT

Immerse in life in a devotional community to experience the depth of devotion and discover the true calling of your heart. For this 2-week retreat you’ll be joined at different times by David Hoffmeister, Kirsten Buxton, Jason Warwick, Jackie Simpson, Frances Xu, Suzanne Sullivan, Nikita Sparks, Michael, and others from the Living Miracles Community.

The practical application of the deep non-dual teachings of A Course in Miracles, is where true responsibility is taken for the mind. By listening and following the Spirit's Guidance, we discover our changeless nature, and our deepest desires are fulfilled.

This extended time of going deeper with mighty companions provides spaciousness for limiting beliefs to be lifted from the mind. It is a safe cocoon where your true magnitude can be restored to awareness. Opinions, theories, and theologies fall away as an experience of your inner Radiance comes to life!

We come together to use Everything for mind training; tuning in to the consistent awareness of the Spirit. This is our greatest joy and our true purpose.

Feel the vastness of the canyon and the sweet St. Francis vibe of the Living Miracles Monastery here

Cost: $1,500 USD

Includes: accommodations, meals, and teachings

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 Living Miracles Monastery

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