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  • Wednesday, December 02, 2015 at 06:30 PM
    Brenda's house in Cancun, Mexico

    Movie Gathering, Cancun, Mexico

    Join David Hoffmeister for a movie gathering in Cancun, Mexico!

    Watching movies can be a great pathway to Enlightenment! We watch movies with a desire for deeper understanding and meaning. Our intention is to welcome and allow emotions and beliefs to arise for healing, and to notice identification with particular characters on the screen. With the Holy Spirit's interpretation of what is happening on the screen, we see that movies can be used to illustrate deep spiritual principles and bring Clarity to the mind.

    We can literally save life-times by healing through the use of movies, rather than playing out so many stories in 'real life'!

    Suggested Donation: 100 pesos


    Reunión con película, Cancún, México

    Acompaña a David Hoffmeister a una reunión con proyección de película en Cancún, México!

    El ver películas puede ser un gran camino hacía la Iluminación! Nosotros vemos películas con un deseo profundo de entendimiento y significado. La intención es permitir que las emociones y creencias salgan para ser sanadas y reconocer cualquier identificación con personajes en la pantalla. Con la interpretación del Espíritu Santo de lo que sucede en la pantalla, vemos que las películas pueden ser usadas para ilustrar profundos principios espirituales y traer Claridad a la mente.

    Literalmente podemos ahorrarnos vidas al sanar mediante las películas, en vez de protagonizar tantas historias en la "vida real"!

    Donativo Sugerido: 100 pesos

  • Friday, April 08, 2016 at 06:00 PM through April 11, 2016 · 3 rsvps
    Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV

    A Course in Miracles Conference 2016, Las Vegas, NV

    Once a year the Community Miracles Center (CMC) hosts one of the largest A Course in Miracles (ACIM) events in the world. The conference brings teachers and students of ACIM together to share and celebrate their love of God. As always, an incredible lineup of today’s most acclaimed ACIM speakers will offer unique presentations and workshops to 500+ attendees. The weekend also includes 4 all-you-can-eat buffets, a dance party, a Sunday Service, and more!

    Past conferences have been held in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York, but the 2016 ACIM Conference will be held in Las Vegas, also commonly referred to as “Sin City!” Well known for its gambling, adult entertainment, luxurious hotels, and temptation-filled nightlife, it will be the perfect backdrop for any A Course in Miracles student looking for opportunities to practice “overlooking the error.”

    We humbly encourage anyone interested in David’s profound teachings to take advantage of this precious opportunity to see him live. He has been a presenter at the last five national ACIM conferences held by Community Miracles Center, and by popular demand will present once more at the 2016 ACIM Conference Las Vegas. Come and experience the way Spirit speaks through David to address the deepest calling of your heart—to wake up!

    When signing up, please remember to choose “David Hoffmeister” from the drop-down menu under “Whose publicity inspired you to enroll?”. This will increase the chances of David being given a spot on the main stage at the conference, to bless everyone in attendance with his love and light!

    Launch Price: $449!! (​after November 15th, it will go up to $549)

    Visit our conference site and sign up here!

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