3 Inspired Ways to start your New Year! 


Insights for a Miraculous New Year

Join David as he shares the Course in this playlist of beautiful and spontaneous audios. The sequential readings from the text and lessons add profound insights for both the new and advanced student of A Course in Miracles.

The Doorway
“God's plan... stands before you like an open door, with warmth and welcome calling from beyond the doorway, bidding you to enter in and make yourself at home, where you belong.” ~ACIM, W-122.5.

The Doorway 

Four multi-media online courses to deepen your experience of A Course in Miracles. Let David Hoffmeister's clarity teach only Love through; awakening movie sessions, inspired music, and insightful assignments. ”God's Will for you is perfect happiness!” Try our introductory experience today!

Unwind Your Mind 30 Day Experience
The 30 Day Program

A healing invitation from David Hoffmeister to unwind using A Course in Miracles!
We are inviting friends from around the world to hold hands of invisible light and with a powerful shared intention we will release old patterns of doubt, stress, and anxiety from our lives. Starts January 4th direct to your inbox—sign up for free now!

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