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 Prayer and A Course in Miracles

If you have a prayer for inner peace and would like support, we invite you to try the following resources we've created. 🕊️

Forgiveness AI Chatbot

Forgiveness AI is based on the Levels of Mind diagram/worksheet (see below) developed by David Hoffmeister. It guides you through the layers of your mind, from any problem you think you have, to choosing peace as your core desire. At each layer, Forgiveness AI helps you question and release the false beliefs that disturb your peace. Using the latest artificial intelligence technology, it is smarter and more helpful than ever, providing personalized responses to help you through the healing process.

You can use it now by starting a free 7-day trial on Click here to try Forgiveness AI and let it guide you back to Love!

David AI Chatbot

Our David AI chatbot can answer spiritual questions based on all of David Hoffmeister's teachings about A Course in Miracles, it's metaphysical principles, and how to apply them to common experiences.

Click here to try David AI and ask your questions!

“Levels of Mind” Website/Worksheet

Next, we invite you to try our Levels of Mind worksheet. Levels of Mind is a unique process and worksheet designed by David which offers a visual diagram of how your mind works. It can help you access the levels in your mind that determine perception, so you can quickly heal upsetting grievances.

You can freely download the diagram and worksheet on our Levels of Mind website:

NOTE: You can also try our Levels of Mind process on Forgiveness AI (see above) or through our Spiri app!

Tribe of Christ - Online Community

Finally, if you feel guided to join with someone to talk about your upset, we encourage you to join our online Tribe of Christ community. There you will find many Living Miracles ministers and “mighty companions” happy to connect with you! There's even a space in the left sidebar of the community called "Mighty Companions" specifically for this purpose! Here is a screenshot of how it looks inside:


If you haven’t already joined Tribe of Christ, we invite you to sign up for a 10-day free trial!

We trust the above resources will support you in nurturing your prayer for inner peace as you listen and follow the Holy Spirit.  🙏

We love you! 💞

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