Inner Listening: A Guided Tour of the Heart with Erik and Tamra

Inner Listening: A Guided Tour of the Heart
with mystics/musicians Tamra Youngblood and Erik Archbold
Gatherings for Awakening—U.S. & Canada—Spring 2019

Keeping one's focus on the inner realm of one's thoughts and feelings is the gateway to the Present Moment. It can seem to take great trust to stay inwardly focused, but only by doing so can we hope to hear and follow the Voice for Love to our natural state of Peace beyond words.

Through many years of devotion to the principles of ACIM (A Course in Miracles), Tamra and Erik have gradually surrendered their life over to Spirit. Their gatherings are an invitation for you to do the same, through willingness to forgive and follow your inspiration. With their songs, personal stories and non-judgmental presence, they offer a space of healing to all who long for it.

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Tour Schedule (sign up here to receive email updates)

Erik and Tamra left northern California in mid-March, and the map below shows how their tour up to this point (see below the map for specific dates/events). Feel free to reach out to Tamra and Erik, as they are still open to gathering/concert invitations in other parts of the country where their message and music may be welcomed.


Past Gatherings

March 30 - April 2 - Passing through Colorado.
April 3-9 - Chicago area - Events in Kildeer, IL for weekend of April 5-7. 
April 12–14: "You Cannot Wake Yourself" Weekend Lakeside Retreat in Trevor, Wisconsin
April 16 - April 21 - Gatherings in St Paul, Minnesota 
April 21 - May 2 - Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan
May 3-5 - Gatherings in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia
May 10-11 - Gatherings in Ottawa, Canada
May 12-15 - Montreal, Canada (no gatherings scheduled)
May 15 - Inner Listening ONLINE gathering: Opening through Vulnerability 
May 18 - Rockport, Maine (seminar/workshop)May 21 - Bolton Valley, Vermont (gathering/concert)


May 31 and June 1 - Northfield, Massachussetts (ACIM retreat/gatherings)

June 8 - ACIM Concert in Newport, Pennsylvania (to be informed when we have all the details, click here and subscribe for tour updates)

How to Be Part of the Tour

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Flyer and Facebook Page
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About Erik
Erik Archbold is a singer-songwriter and long-time student of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) and the teachings of mystic David Hoffmeister. In 2009, Erik left a lucrative hypnotherapy career to become a "traveling minstrel for God", and began having songs from the Holy Spirit pour through him, resulting in his first studio album Heaven is Perfect. He has been on a faith journey ever since, traveling where invited to share his music and experience with others devoted to the Course’s principles. About his spiritual journey, he writes...

"Ever since I met David, my life has taken on a radically new direction towards inner peace. Studying the principles of A Course in Miracles was one thing, but living them without compromise has been quite another! I now feel like I’m on a continual adventure of mind-expansion as I allow Spirit to guide my life, provide me with whatever I seem to need, and unwind my mind from this world. Thank you David, and for everyone in the Living Miracles community for being such a clear mirror of myself. Such a Gift it's all been and continues to be!"

Erik's devotion to authentic Awakening has allowed him to be used in a way that will gently invite you in… that will sing to you of Your Innocence and shine away the clouds of separation. With an open and willing heart, join him in the Music and receive the Gift of Love that you deserve!

Listen to his latest original song on YouTube...

To learn more about Erik:

Introduction from Tamra
"Hello, my name is Tamra Youngblood. I have been on a deep and intense Spiritual journey for over 20 years. Having been raised in a very devout religious tradition for 20 years there was much to heal and undo in my relationship with the Divine. The path to Self Realization has taken me to India where I stayed and did Intensive meditations at Osho’s ashram for 2 months. It also led me to work as a counselor in Drug and Alcohol treatment for over 5 years . And ultimately Spirit led me to A Course in Miracles and the Living Miracles community where I was a volunteer and resident for 20 months. During this time I was introduced to the path of healing through allowing and exposing the darkness in the mind. This was absolutely invaluable for me and has led to an opening of the heart I longed for my whole life. It has led to peace of mind and joy on a scale I never thought possible. It is now my great inspiration and delight to share this love, peace and joy with whomever I can wherever I can. I do this by offering gatherings, expression sessions and one-on-one joinings. I look forward to joining with you in the Truth as we lay aside all that we thought we were and walk each other home to the expansive and never ending Love that we are!!!"

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How to Be Part of the Tour
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Message from Erik & Tamra
We are so very honored to have the opportunity to join with you. Our purpose is to extend Spirit's Love by our own practice of Inner Listening and Following—letting the Holy Spirit guide and direct our feet (and car) to whomever and wherever He wishes us to be. If you have a desire to Awaken, we sincerely invite you to reach out to us!

With Love,

Erik & Tamra

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