"Open-Mindedness" Online Retreat, June 5-7

Open-Mindedness, A Course in Miracles

How do the open-minded forgive? They have let go all things that would prevent forgiveness. They have in truth abandoned the world, and let it be restored to them in newness and in joy so glorious they could never have conceived of such a change. Nothing is now as it was formerly. Nothing but sparkles now which seemed so dull and lifeless before. And above all are all things welcoming, for threat is gone.


No clouds remain to hide the face of Christ. Now is the goal achieved. Forgiveness is the final goal of the curriculum. It paves the way for what goes far beyond all learning. The curriculum makes no effort to exceed its legitimate goal. Forgiveness is its single aim, at which all learning ultimately converges. It is indeed enough. — M-4.X.2, A Course in Miracles


Open-mindedness is the theme for our June online retreat from June 5-7 with David Hoffmeister and Living Miracles. Click here to register for this retreat.

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