Prayer Stays with us at La Casa de Milagros, in the heart of Chapala, Mexico, are offered for those wanting to step out of the world, and dive deep into the still place of rest within. Our Prayer Stays offer solo retreats for the mind longing to “Be Still and Know”.

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is our main curriculum of study here at La Casa de Milagros. Those who have been called to these deep teachings are invited to join us in accepting the truth of our oneness. These teachings are another gift among many non-dual teachings that point us to the Kingdom of Heaven within.

“Wake-Up Weekends”

We encourage you to join us over a weekend in order to also participate in one of our live events. These “Wake-Up Weekends” are the same price as regular Prayer Stay visits but with the added bonus of a transformational event!

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